About me

I have now had over fifteen years of experience in design, art direction, illustration, video making, and production of creative materials in five different countries, multiple platforms (both digital and analogue), and for a variety of different clients. I have always focused in turning my deliveries into commercially successful graphic design pieces, website designs, audiovisual media, digital media production, and motion graphics

After an initial experience in Brazil, my international experience started in Japan, moving later to Germany, United Kingdom, and Italy. Specially in Japan, my task was many times to lead a team of creatives and coordinate the creative process to give focus, to work on budget and schedule, and meet client’s expectations. When living in Europe, I have been commissioned to produce a number of graphic materials, as well as web sites, DVDs, commercials, and book layouts. In a nutshell, I would say that my main skill relies on my ability to work in multiple platforms, which is something brands need more these days initiatives.